Let’s show them we built this and can do so much more

Our world
We are the driving force of this world, don’t ever forget that

Have you ever been driving and looked around at your atmosphere and thought I wonder who built these buildings? Or I wonder who built this road? Probably not.

The fact is most of the things that are built are built by those who do it to support their families or themselves. In saying that 85% of covicted felons released back into society return to to prison within just the first 6 months here in America. Ever stop do think why that is?

Let me break it down for you.

First and foremost it starts with the person’s mentality and interests coming back into society. If a person is excited to be “free again” and has some what of a plan what they might do with theyre energy, these people have the best chance a staying out of trouble or incarceration. Now in saying that, this also very much depends on what type of support they may have upon release meaning: family, friends, etc.

Next, is a bit harder to pin down due to the heaviness of one’s past or current mental state, which is a whole nother topic in itself. But I will try here. A man or woman exiting prison is most likely to carry the burden of feeling like an outcast due to the penalty of theyre name being slandered from a past decision or situation which may or may not have involved them totally. While trying to reincorporate themselves into society there is always a number of set backs initially like: Where will I live? How can i do my part to chip in while living there. Where can I find a job that will overlook my past? So from the get go, these people are questioning there worth to a society that mostly blames them for what’s wrong with the world today.

Then you have the other 15% of ex-cons who do not care what the world thinks of them, sure they know they’ve done bad things, but they also have done their time and are hell bent on reconciliation. They want to clear theyre name and they’re past.  These are your common every day construction workers and laborers. Humbled by their past, held back by their own fear of acceptance.

These Men and Woman build our schools, churches, power plants, roads,bridges, and every shopping places. They are the ones who are proud to have a job because not only did they have to have the right skills, they had to go above and beyond selling themselves as honest people because of their past.

Now just imagine for a minute if we introduced more programs and self healing courses for the ones who need it not just the ones who can afford it, what would that do for the other 85% chances for success? Most ask why spend time, money, and effort on these “criminals” ? Because like it or not they are humans and are father’s, mother’s, son’s and daughter’s,  they have been stripped of their dignity, titles, possessions, and currency.

They are a beautiful fresh canvass that’s.          why!